The Complete Guide to Vertical Caving Techniques

Vertical caving, also known as single rope technique (SRT) caving, involves descending and ascending a cave using ropes and other specialized equipment. It opens up a whole new world of cave exploration compared to horizontal caving, allowing cavers to safely access deep pits, high domes, and remote passages. Mastering vertical caving takes dedicated training and … Read more

Do Caves Always Have An Exit?

Caves capture our imagination with their mystery and allure, but also spark claustrophobic fears of being trapped inside. This leads many to wonder – do caves always have an exit? The short answer is no. While some caves have clear openings allowing easy entry and exit, others have twisting tunnels, sheer drops, flooded chambers and … Read more

How to Pick the Best Elbow Pads for Caving

Caving, also known as spelunking, is an exciting outdoor activity that involves exploring underground cave systems. As you crawl, climb, and squeeze your way through tight passages, having proper protective gear like elbow pads is absolutely essential. The right pads can save your elbows from painful abrasions, bruises, cuts, and more serious injuries. When shopping … Read more

Various Types of Caves Around the World

Caves have enthralled humanity across cultures for thousands of years. These mystical portals to the underworld inspire awe with their darkness and surprising geological wonders. Over time, patterns have emerged in the diverse shapes, sizes, locations and formats of caves worldwide. This guide provides an in-depth look at how the many different types of caves … Read more

The Top Benefits of Caving: A Detailed Guide

Caving, also known as spelunking, is the thrilling recreational activity of exploring wild cave systems and all the mental, physical and emotional benefits this unique adventure offers. As an extreme sport, caving allows you to disconnect from daily stresses and technology to challenge yourself amid beautiful untouched geological formations hidden beneath the earth’s surface. In … Read more

How to Start Caving: A Beginner’s Guide to Taking up This Thrilling Hobby

Venturing into the awe-inspiring depths of the earth to explore wild cave systems is one of the most thrilling adventures out there. Rappelling into gaping sinkholes, squeezing through tight underground passages, and crawling through muddy caverns to uncover dazzling geological formations offers an experience like no other. Also known as spelunking, the sport of caving … Read more

How to Build Snow Shelters for Survival: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Being stranded outdoors without adequate shelter during winter can quickly become life-threatening. Building a snow shelter by hand is often your best option for preserving body heat and safely waiting out a storm overnight. With the right location, tools, and techniques, even novices can construct durable snow shelters capable of shielding them from hypothermia, frostbite … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Survival Hunting: Essential Tips and Tactics for Finding Food in the Wild

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