How to Use Butterfly Bandages Properly

Yes, butterfly bandages can be very effective for closing small, clean-edged cuts and lacerations if you know how to use them correctly. When applied properly, the adhesive tension pulls wound edges together neatly, allowing faster healing with minimal scarring. However, appropriate wound selection and good technique are critical to get the best results from butterfly … Read more

The Incredible Survival Uses for Glycerin You Never Knew

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What Items Can Survive a House Fire?

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How Close Should You Build Your Campfire to Your Tent or Shelter?

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How to Survive a House Fire

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Why Knot Tying Is Absolutely Essential for Wilderness Survival and Alpine Mountaineering

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How to Build Snow Shelters for Survival: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Being stranded outdoors without adequate shelter during winter can quickly become life-threatening. Building a snow shelter by hand is often your best option for preserving body heat and safely waiting out a storm overnight. With the right location, tools, and techniques, even novices can construct durable snow shelters capable of shielding them from hypothermia, frostbite … Read more